Integration with Accounting Programs;

Orion POS makes your life easier by providing full integration with accounting programs such as logo, eta, micro, netsis and any accounting systems. It helps you work flawlessly and as a whole. If you use these programs in your business, a file containing your sales will be created automatically and transferred to these programs at the end of the day, and your accounting records such as cash, current and inventory will be d.
If you want to use Netsis, Logo, Eta and Mikro as well as another accounting program, we can connect and integrate with these companies on your behalf and make them work fully compatible with Orion.

Yemeksepeti, Getir and Trendyol integrations;

The full integration of Yemeksepeti, Getir, Trendyol and Orion is available. With Orion messenger integration, orders sent from the food basket are opened in Orion.
Your approved orders will instantly be removed from the kitchen, bar and other package preparation points.


CALLER ID integration;

Orion has integration with caller ID products. A caller ID device connected between the telephone line and Orion brings the customer registration form directly to your screen.
In this way, once you have saved a customer's order for each time to get rid of the information, you will receive orders quickly also can address your customer name and previous orders and current information you can see on your screen.


With Orion, you may be using other software in your business. For example, accounting, inventory, hotel front desk, internet food sales portals, call center switchboard software. Since Orion's software infrastructure is very advanced, it can easily integrate with other software you want to use.

Integration with Hotel Front Office systems

Orion already has integration with Odeon and Elektra and Hotel 101 hotel front office programs. Expenditures made by the customers in the revenue centers within the hotel are automatically added to the customer films and it saves your staff big time.
In the same way, if you want to use another hotel front office program, we can connect and integrate with these companies on your behalf and make them work fully compatible with Orion.

Integration with Call Center and Telephone Exchanges

Some companies have call center software with switchboard support especially for packet service. Orion already has integration with LG switchboard and FGS call center systems.
Incoming calls drop to the Orion screen and are managed. All telephone operations are carried out by the operators on the Orion screens thanks to integration.

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