How to Use

Recieved orders fall directly to KOD screens. It has a simple interface therefore it's easy to follow and understand. Thanks to KOD the employees will prepare orders faster. If the needed time for a product is passed the screen will warn the personel and let them know they need to be faster.

Due to the product being prepared faster your customers will be satisfied.



• Visual, easy-to-read, user-friendly interface,
• Chef orientation screen where all orders can appear together
• Special order screens for each production point,
• Detailed order information list and table views,
• Warning of late products,
• Special display for frequently ordered products,
• Displaying the desired products on the desired screen with product filtering,
• Cooking time, preparation time analysis and reports,
• Simultaneous operation with the printer.
The Orion Kitchen Order Display serves as the perfect bridge between kitchen and waiters. It transmits all your orders to the kitchen staff to the finest detail.
One of the most common problems in restaurants; the order between the staff (waiter, cashier) and kitchen staff.
Confused, delayed and forgotten orders and cold served dishes may reduce customer satisfaction and damage the image of businesses.
Orion Kitchen Order Screen has been developed to prevent all these problems.

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