Some of its key feature

  • Detailed inventory listing,
  • When you upload a product information on Orion POS it shows directly on Orion Stok.
  • Product profitability analysis and pricing,
  • Menu engineering.
  • Income center based performance.
  • Transfer in between depos.
  • Depo based purchase.
  • Reports designed purely for you.


You can easily follow stock, changes, control cost information, or view purchase history and reports via Orion Stok.
  • Integrated with Orion POS.
  • Everyone can learn it easily.
  • It's flexible and elegant. Doesn't bore you with unnecessary details.

Some of its benefits

• Your inventory list s as soon as a sale is made.
• Thanks to Orion Stock you can era profit-loss analyzes.
• You can also spot stock leakages quickly.

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