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We renewed our website.

www.orionpos.com is online with its brand new face.
You can find detailed descriptions of our products and services on our website prepared using the most up-to-date web Technologies. We hope you will enjoy our new website which can easily be accessed from all devices such as PC, mobile and tablet.
In our newsletter section, we will include the latest news as well as expert opinions in the food and beverage sector. 

Diğer Haberler

Bolpuan Loyalty Management

Orion offers you special solutions for you to gain regular customers.

Orion POS at Moda Deniz Club

Moda Deniz Club preferred Orion POS for food and beverage automation. The great leader Atatürk issued the construction permission for Moda Deniz Club in 1935,

Orion POS- Cash Register Integration

According to the general procedure of tax procedure law numbered 483 published by Revenue Administration and revised on 25.05.2018, it is obligatory to operate and integrate restaurant automation software and new generation cash register POS devices.

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