You can manage your orders that you receive from your website or Yemeksepeti through fully integrated Orion Pos systems.
• The customer replaces an order through the website or Yemek sepeti.
• The order is received by Orion Pos system as if the order was met by a staff member.
• Customer registration on Orion Pos consists of all details (Name, phone number, address and note information)
• Approved automatically or manually or rejected with a reason.
• If you wish Courier tracking is provided by automatically communicating with courier programs such as Paket Taxi in order confirmation.
• Orders come out of the printers with name and address information.


Menu and product management operation (product adding, removing, price changes, group setting, screen changes, sorting etc.) A chain restaurant group typically uses the same menu, but may not sell some products or some restaurans may sell the same products at a different price. 
When you want to add, remove, or make price changes to your branches, instead of entering each restaurants system you can send all the changes from one center to the related branches.
The changes you make in the branches you submit will be active whenever you wish at any time.
You can make all the changes you need to make about your branch personnel through Orion MYS through personnel operations from central office to branches (adding or removing personnel, changing password, authorization etc.). 
You can change the authorizations of your personnel, you can set a password, you can add and remove employees.
Central promotion and discount management, you can set discounts and promotions from your central office, you can make happy hour application thereby you can use Orion MYS to increase your sales.

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