• The customer orders through phone.
• If the operation uses a Caller ID device, the personnel answering the phone will see the caller's phone number on the screen.
• If it is already registered, it will display all the customer information
• If it is a registered customer, one-touch order screen is displayed.
• If it is not a registered customer, the customer information is entered quickly with the on-screen keyboard just once and then the single button order screen is displayed 
• Businesses that do not use Caller ID can register the numbers and track their customers by phone or private code The customer's order is entered in the order screen.
• The customer is asked how to make the payment and this information is entered into the system as a prepayment.
Then the courier list is opened and the order is sent to a courier and registered. In cases where the courier is not known, courier can be assigned to the order later.
• Orders come out of the printers with name and address information.
• After the order is prepared, the assigned courier receives the printout and brings it to the customer.
• Depending on the preference of the company, the account is closed by receiving payments from couriers at the end of the day, at the end of their shifts or after delivery of each order.

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