Long-term restaurants, fast-food restaurants, kebab restaurants that serve to the table can easily use ORION's touch terminals and / or hand-held terminals for taking orders forwarding those orders to points such as kitchen bars, check taking, payment accepting, inventory and cost controlling.

They can create a standart system for their business and use it.

They can also use the same automation system they use on other branches easily.



Cafes that sell on point or on table can easily use ORION POS’un touch screen terminal or hand terminals and take orders a lot more quickly.



Fast direct sales and crowded bars serving to the table fall into the business class which is difficult to control for business owners. It's hard for the waiters to reach to the checkout counter because of the crowd. Meanwhile, tens of hands will try to hand the bartender some cash to order their drinks. Things can get confusing in a situation like this.

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